Those who are dead are not dead, they are just living in my head.

Borrowed “Bewitched” dvd from library, becomes too hooked to it and hence explains the lack of updating. Not that I don’t have a life okay!

Finally went out with Missy Elephant on a sunny wednesday. I think we have a thousand things to update each other about and we talked non-stop the entire day. Went to Salvation army thrift store and was so disappointed when we realised nothing they sell there is nice. How did Seventeen made it seems like it sells a million cheap thrills?




Love you gajah!

Anyway, went to town today after collecting my passport, wanting to shop alone for a few hrs before starting work. But lucky me, I met Sabrin when she’s going for her lunchbreak. So we spent an hour catching up and while she headed back to work, I went to find Pris and accompanied her to her lunchbreak as well. My two hours were gone just by spending lunchtimes with my two best pals from RP. I missed them so much and it totally made my day by meeting up with them, even if it’s such a short while.  🙂

Am leaving for Malacca in another few hrs’ time. I’m super excited but nervous bcus we haven’t pack our stuffs yet, oh no. :S He’s still playing Dota and I’ve just finished watching “Bewitched”. And I’m feeling extremely sleepy…….. Work was super tiring just now you know. Kkkkk I shall not make any more excuses. Please miss me when I’m gone! 😀


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