Standing in the light of your halo, I got my angel now.

One word to describe yesterday’s work – Insane. Two words to describe today’s – Equally insane.

Ok… not that bad except that the system broke down! We couldn’t use the computer and everything went super vintage-y. We wrote down orders in papers and just passed it to the kitchen & bar. Customers’ receipts were actually in our ugly handwriting and we had to use the calculator to calculate heir bills. Hahaha damn stressed and damn scared they will ask for bills bcus we have to recall what they ordered by memory.

Alright, I always talk too much. Anyway I found a new website and has spent few hrs straight playing on it. Hee, you can choose the clothes and model and dress them! Show ya my masterpieces ^^




Chio hor? 😀

Kz, damn exhausted from working soooo many days this week but am super excited bout the fat paycheck to pay off all my expenses for travelling which is very very soon!

Bye. Muacks 😉


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