“When we used to love while others used to play.”

K I should upload the Sentosa pictures by now but I’ve been really busy… and lazy. Need to work lah. 

Today’s work was soooo good, haven’t actually felt that relaxing and happy for some time now. By 9pm there were zero customers inside so Sam and I practically slacked, ate, drank and talked. Towards closing I became crazy and kept talking crap to Sam. I bet she cannot tahan it, but too bad who ask you to interview for this job? Haha, you think you can get high pay just by working is it? Wrongggg, you still have to tolerate my infinite nonsense. Heehee. 

I’m still wide awake now lei, Sam I think your latte is working up in me as well. Kk, just here to further spread my nonsense. Nights!!!


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