Lucky I’m in love with my best friend.

I’ll make this post simple and sweet since I’ve already combined all pictures together. Luv Photoscape to the max. 

Valentines’ day like I said was spent over at Pulau Ubin. Luv the cheap bumboat’s fare & cheap bicycle’s rents and of course not missing out the nostalgia. It’s always good to go back to somewhere simpler and avoid the hustle-bustle in the city. Toured a little in our bikes and went to 拜太岁 at a temple which we chanced upon. Seafood for dinner and then it was time to head back to the city. I had a great day, for the first time on Feb 14th. I’m sure as long as I’m with my Baby, I’ll always feel the same every year.



Thank you Darling. I hoped you enjoyed your day too. 

Enough of all the lovey-dovey nonsense, I finally met up with my W34F clique today! Haven’t seen them for more than a month? I seriously cannot stand Zhenghao, he’s full of crap and is always sia-suaying me. But he’s a very kind soul bcus he treated me to Couple Fondue at Andersens (I guess it’s bcus I pretended to be his Valentine for the day) and all of us to Fish&co. Boy ah, got money also cannot spend it like water mah. Original plan was over to my place to Mj but my “Valentine” decided to sing K so we went to K-box instead. 



& we had a great time over there, omg. Missed their nonsense and stupid talks all the same. & that late-as-usual Weikang was late by three hours! Seriously, who can pwn him? All in all, we shall meet up again soon. Will surely miss bumping into them in school when school reopens. Love y’all! 😀 


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