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One little two little three little Indians…



Bought this baby earlier today at the IT fair! Best thing about it is…. it’s water-proof! So that would mean more Safra and more swimming sessions with my girls!



Hello Melaka, Goodbye Malacca !

Finally stretched my lazy bones to upload the Melaka pictures. Have summarized them so if you are still yearning for more picts of the “golden couple”, can feel free to go look at the complete album at my facebook 🙂 (Which have not yet been uploaded)

First day!!! 




On the coach…. No TV/games so we had to camwhore to keep ourselves entertained. Ok that’s before we fell asleep. 




Reached hotel liao!!! We stayed in Hotel Equatorial which I’m not wrong it’s a 4-star hotel? It’s inclusive in the package so yeah, it’s very worthwhile for us bcus we only spent a little on the entire trip. If you’re ever going to Malacca, this hotel isn’t bad 🙂 




Our main form of transport over there was the trishaw! It’s cheap, it costs only RM10 to get to one place to another on the average. & it’s also breezy and airy unlike their cabs which are super hot and stuffy :S 








Tried this store’s chicken rice balls under the trishaw-puller’s recommendation, the chicken was reaaally good. Man, I feel like eating them now 😦 








The photos above were all taken at Jonker Street during daytime, it’s totally different during nighttime on weekends. During the nights, it will transform itself into a giant pasar malam with full of cheap stuffs and tasty food.




After the walk, we finally hopped onto “Eye on Malaysia”, it’s the malaysia version of Singapore Flyer. But one thing different is that it is portable hahaha. Last time we went to KL it was there, and now it “followed” us to Malacca haha. Didn’t manage to go up in KL, so is actually a good thing it can be moved around. x)












Unlike the Sg Flyer which moves a little bit in half an hour and only one round, this one moves very first and brings us 5 rounds. No idea how long the ride took though, but its cheap compared to Sg Flyer. It costs me only RM20 and for Baby RM10 bcus he has Msia IC. 


Second day !!!


The hotel breakfast was good hehe, wouldn’t miss any hotel’s breakfast for anything even though I’m a lazy pig. Skipped A’famosa bcus we wanted to swim in the hotel’s pool. Quite stupid I know but certainly didn’t regret it! 😀






My boyfriend’s nehneh bigger than mine hahaha.






Weird to say, the times spent in the pool were the most memorable time in this trip haha. Baby and I were doing stunts and laughing ourselves silly in the pool, ok maybe that’s why 🙂 




Views from our room. Didnt take more bcus the balcony’s railing was very low and we were staying in the 11th floor. Didn’t want to die in Malacca… 

Next up was our free dinner included in the package ! 

(~ Theme song of Little Nyonya starts playing ~ ) 




Got to eat free high-end Nyonya food at the restuarant, woohoo! The decor and all were very peranakan-ish, it almost seems like Yueniang would walk out anytime hahaha… ok no lah. 




Wooooo drooling liao. It was very simple and nice and esp the chendol were fantastic. *Craves*

Walked from our hotel to Jonker Street after the meal, and all the historic buildings were on the way so we shun bian took some photos. 🙂 





Looked kinda eerie hor the buildings? Haha. 

Didnt eat at Jonker St since we just finished our meal. Bought some stuffs for my Chips and asked someone to wrote a poem with Baby and my names inside. Very special, hee and very cheap. 🙂

Third day…. 




& so we ended our 3D2N trip on a berry good note, as you can see ^ haha. All in all, it was fun. Anywhere is good to be at as long as I have him with me 🙂 Soon the school shall starts but we have already plan our next trip, that one would be more exciting, woohoo can’t wait ! 😀 

Those who are dead are not dead, they are just living in my head.

Borrowed “Bewitched” dvd from library, becomes too hooked to it and hence explains the lack of updating. Not that I don’t have a life okay!

Finally went out with Missy Elephant on a sunny wednesday. I think we have a thousand things to update each other about and we talked non-stop the entire day. Went to Salvation army thrift store and was so disappointed when we realised nothing they sell there is nice. How did Seventeen made it seems like it sells a million cheap thrills?




Love you gajah!

Anyway, went to town today after collecting my passport, wanting to shop alone for a few hrs before starting work. But lucky me, I met Sabrin when she’s going for her lunchbreak. So we spent an hour catching up and while she headed back to work, I went to find Pris and accompanied her to her lunchbreak as well. My two hours were gone just by spending lunchtimes with my two best pals from RP. I missed them so much and it totally made my day by meeting up with them, even if it’s such a short while.  🙂

Am leaving for Malacca in another few hrs’ time. I’m super excited but nervous bcus we haven’t pack our stuffs yet, oh no. :S He’s still playing Dota and I’ve just finished watching “Bewitched”. And I’m feeling extremely sleepy…….. Work was super tiring just now you know. Kkkkk I shall not make any more excuses. Please miss me when I’m gone! 😀

Standing in the light of your halo, I got my angel now.

One word to describe yesterday’s work – Insane. Two words to describe today’s – Equally insane.

Ok… not that bad except that the system broke down! We couldn’t use the computer and everything went super vintage-y. We wrote down orders in papers and just passed it to the kitchen & bar. Customers’ receipts were actually in our ugly handwriting and we had to use the calculator to calculate heir bills. Hahaha damn stressed and damn scared they will ask for bills bcus we have to recall what they ordered by memory.

Alright, I always talk too much. Anyway I found a new website and has spent few hrs straight playing on it. Hee, you can choose the clothes and model and dress them! Show ya my masterpieces ^^




Chio hor? 😀

Kz, damn exhausted from working soooo many days this week but am super excited bout the fat paycheck to pay off all my expenses for travelling which is very very soon!

Bye. Muacks 😉

“When we used to love while others used to play.”

K I should upload the Sentosa pictures by now but I’ve been really busy… and lazy. Need to work lah. 

Today’s work was soooo good, haven’t actually felt that relaxing and happy for some time now. By 9pm there were zero customers inside so Sam and I practically slacked, ate, drank and talked. Towards closing I became crazy and kept talking crap to Sam. I bet she cannot tahan it, but too bad who ask you to interview for this job? Haha, you think you can get high pay just by working is it? Wrongggg, you still have to tolerate my infinite nonsense. Heehee. 

I’m still wide awake now lei, Sam I think your latte is working up in me as well. Kk, just here to further spread my nonsense. Nights!!!

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend.

I’ll make this post simple and sweet since I’ve already combined all pictures together. Luv Photoscape to the max. 

Valentines’ day like I said was spent over at Pulau Ubin. Luv the cheap bumboat’s fare & cheap bicycle’s rents and of course not missing out the nostalgia. It’s always good to go back to somewhere simpler and avoid the hustle-bustle in the city. Toured a little in our bikes and went to 拜太岁 at a temple which we chanced upon. Seafood for dinner and then it was time to head back to the city. I had a great day, for the first time on Feb 14th. I’m sure as long as I’m with my Baby, I’ll always feel the same every year.



Thank you Darling. I hoped you enjoyed your day too. 

Enough of all the lovey-dovey nonsense, I finally met up with my W34F clique today! Haven’t seen them for more than a month? I seriously cannot stand Zhenghao, he’s full of crap and is always sia-suaying me. But he’s a very kind soul bcus he treated me to Couple Fondue at Andersens (I guess it’s bcus I pretended to be his Valentine for the day) and all of us to Fish&co. Boy ah, got money also cannot spend it like water mah. Original plan was over to my place to Mj but my “Valentine” decided to sing K so we went to K-box instead. 



& we had a great time over there, omg. Missed their nonsense and stupid talks all the same. & that late-as-usual Weikang was late by three hours! Seriously, who can pwn him? All in all, we shall meet up again soon. Will surely miss bumping into them in school when school reopens. Love y’all! 😀 

Moving in the speed of light into eternity.



Pulau Ubin, Changi Airport. Love my extraordinary first official Valentines 🙂 

Will try my best to upload pictures to Facebook by tmrw, Chips! Shall update soon. Happy Valentines’ Day.